At the break of sunlight,

Lay bare a haunting;

What had become a sight,

Of awe or witchery.

The premonition persisted;

Hung midair an electric wire,

The prisoner resisted,

With bouts of ellipses.

The scorching air tore

At the bounded red leg,

Now became a verdict more,

Than a call for help.

My incapable shoulder

Hunched upon the terrace,

Overheard my mother,

Fate is not a cord you cut with scissors.

No scream he swallowed;

His will,thirst and the sun,

The isolated prisoner,

Found his solace.

You can be stuck in your heaven;

Tied feet won over free wings,

Failed attempts will be taken,

To return a rotting star.

The next day the skies

Fell over our routine ignorance,

But somewhere two eyes,

Still held them above.


(In response to

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/premonition/ )


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